India Express: 75 Fresh and Delicious Vegan, Vegetarian and Pescatarian Recipes for Every Day

Rukmini Iyer


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From quick snacks and weeknight curries to simple desserts, Rukmini Iyer has created a collection of South Indian and Bengali-inspired recipes with a modern twist. Keeping with her ethos of ‘minimum effort, maximum flavour’, these dishes are vibrant, achievable and moreish. Discover simple and speedy recipes that work for every day such as:

– Cheddar, Cumin & Nigella Seed Cheese Straws

– Bengali Popcorn Shrimp

– Mini Naan Pizzas with Lime & Coriander Paneer

– Green Pea, Onion & Cauliflower Pulao

– Chilli, Coconut & Lime Salmon with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

– Mango and Cardamom Lassi

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