*SIGNED* 50 Times Football Changed the World

by Gary Lineker, Ivor Baddiel

Gary Lineker, Ivor Baddiel


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From football legend, Gary Lineker, comes a collection of truly uplifting, empowering and extraordinary football stories that have inspired him throughout his career. Have you heard about the match that took place between enemy soldiers in no man’s land during World War I?

Or about the women’s team who showed the world that football truly is for everyone? And I bet you didn’t know about the team that won a match without scoring a single goal?Written with author and TV writer Ivor Baddiel, in this fun and fact-packed book, Gary Lineker shares 50 of his favourite football moments that highlight the many awe-inspiring, heart-warming and eye-opening moments that have changed the game – and sometimes the world – forever. From pioneering players, trailblazing managers, and incredible tales both on and off the pitch, this book contains everything you ever wanted to know about the beautiful game.

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