The Nutmeg Trail

A culinary journey along the ancient spice routes

Eleanor Ford


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Award-winning writer Eleanor Ford’s recipes and stories explore how centuries of spice trading and cultural diffusion changed the world’s cuisine. A unique and enlightening guide to cooking with spice, the book looks at their flavour profiles and how they can be used, combined and layered – how some bring sweetness, others fragrance, heat, pungency, sourness or earthiness. There are 80 spice-infused recipes in this collection following the trails of ancient maritime trade through Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Iran and the Emirates.

Eleanor combines historical research with a travel writer’s eye and a cook’s nose for a memorable recipe. Interwoven are stories that explore how spices from across the Indian Ocean – the original cradle of spice – have, over time, been adopted into cuisines around the world.

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